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Prehistoric Predators!

Dinosaurs are extinct, but some prehistoric creatures are still around today. Meet these creatures that have been around for millions of years and lived to tell the tale.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • Shaping tools for Play Doh (like scoops, Q-tips, straws, or cookie cutters)

  • Googly eyes (optional)

Ask About Today

If you could meet one prehistoric animal, extinct or alive, what would it be?


est. 30 min

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Who Was Mary Anning?

In this episode of SciShow Kids, you’ll meet Mary Anning, who helped us learn much of what we know about prehistoric creatures. Mary didn’t have the chance to go to school as a child, but she became an important scientist and fossil hunter anyway.

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Meet Cruise the Tapir

Half horse, half rhino… huh?! Tapirs first evolved 23 million years ago—and they’re still around! Learn about these strange and endangered creatures in this short video.

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Living Among Dragons

This dragon isn’t fire-breathing, but it sure does look like a creature out of fiction. Travel to Indonesia where komodo dragons are living among humans.

Wild Kratts Meet the Komodo Dragon

The Kratt brothers team up to learn all about this living prehistoric monster in this episode of Wild Kratts from PBS Kids.


est. 15 min

Play Doh Monster Mash!

Make your own Play Doh monsters. They can be any kind of creature—from real life or your imagination!

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Shaping tools (like popsicle sticks, Q-tips, plastic spoons or scoops, and cookie cutters), googly eyes (optional)


Put out Play Doh and shaping tools (like popsicle sticks, Q-tips, plastic spoons or scoops, and cookie cutters). Googly eyes make a really fun addition if you have them.


Create your own monsters. Do they ROAR?!


est. 10 min

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The Gruffalo

He has terrible teeth in his terrible jaws…he’s the Gruffalo! But is he real?! Listen to this beloved story by Julia Donaldson, with illustrations by Axel Scheffler, read aloud by Storyvision UK.


est. 5 min

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Be Brave Dino Yoga

Stretch like a dinosaur with this short yoga video.