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The Night Sky

What’s the biggest animal in the world? What’s inside an extra-large dump truck? Get ready to find out!

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • A flashlight

  • Thin cardboard

  • Something to poke holes in paper—like a thumbtack or push pin

Ask About Today

What are some of the constellations you learned about?


est. 30 min

YouTube thumbnail

Connect the Dots…In the Sky!

Constellations are like pictures made of stars. What can you see when you look at the night sky? Learn all about constellations in this episode of SciShow Kids.

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If I Were an Astronomer…

Astrid wants to be an astronomer when she grows up—that’s a scientist who studies space. What would her job be like? Can you imagine that?

Mindy’s Constellation Exploration

Explore the constellations and hear the stories behind them in this interactive game from PBS Kids.


est. 30 min

Make Your Own Planetarium

Or at least have fun shining stars and constellations on your ceiling.

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

A flashlight, thin cardboard, something to poke holes in paper—like a thumbtack or push pin


Using this guide from PBS Kids, cut out paper or cardboard circles to fit on top of a flashlight, then poke holes in them to create the constellations. You can copy (or print) the ones in this printout, or have your camper make up their own.


Help your grown-up poke holes in the paper to make constellations. Then shine your flashlight on the wall in a dark room to see what you’ve created.

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Paint a Starry Night

“The Starry Night” is a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Follow this tutorial from Mr. New’s Art Class to make your own Starry Night painting with just crayons and paper, or create it your own way—however you’re inspired!

Toolkit Materials:


est. 5 min

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My Pet Star

Would you like a star as a pet? Meet a kid who has one in this story by Corinne Averiss.


est. 10 min

Night Walk

Before you go to bed, step outside with a grown-up and look around. What do you see in the sky? Can you see the moon and stars? What do they look like? What shape is the moon tonight? Can you spot any constellations? If you want, take a notebook with you and draw what you see.