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For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • A flashlight

  • A bag with assorted small objects (markers, pens, small toys, kitchen items, etc—any small items from your CKJR toolkit will work)

  • A dark room (or a dark area outdoors, away from street lights)

Ask About Today

What is a nocturnal animal?


est. 25 min

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Awake After Dark

Which animals sleep during the day and play at night? Learn all about nocturnal animals in this episode of Leo the Wildlife Ranger.

Guess Whoooo...

Can you tell which nocturnal animal is which—just from their sounds?


est. 20 min

Make Your Own Night Vision

Grab a flashlight and turn out the lights to practice your own version of night vision.

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

A flashlight, a bag with assorted small objects (markers, pens, small toys, kitchen items, etc—any small household items will work), a dark room or outdoor area


Help your camper fill a bag with small objects from their CKJR Toolkit—markers, figurines, etc. Then help them observe their eye in a mirror, noting the pupil. Turn out the lights and enjoy experimenting with night vision: Can they guess what objects they're pulling from the bag? Use the flashlight to continue experimenting with how they see in the light and dark. Help them observe how their pupil changes when the light comes back on. (Note: The link suggests experimenting with both red and white lights, but most of us don't have a red flashlight lying around. Use what you've got!)


Put some of your figurines and markers in a bag. Then turn out the lights or go outside with your grownup. Pull an object out of the bag. Can you guess what it is, even in the dark? Using your flashlight, experiment with what you can see in the dark and light. What happens to your eyes when you turn on a light?


est. 5 min

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Night Animals

Are you afraid of the dark? These animals aren’t! Listen along to this read-aloud of Night Animals by Gianna Marino.


est. 5 min

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The Firefighter Workout

Firefighters often work the night shift. How do they stay fit? Try some firefighter exercises to find out!