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Night Light

Some animals have night vision that lets them see in the dark. But the rest of us need a little help. Today, we’ll explore lighthouses and other ways to light up the dark.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

Would you like to live and work inside a lighthouse?


est. 45 min

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How Do Lighthouses Work?

You might have seen a lighthouse. It's a tall tower that sits right next to the ocean and lights up the path from the sea to the shore. But what are they for? And how do they work?

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A Visit to the Lighthouse

A group of little bunnies takes a tour of a lighthouse in this episode of Milo.

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These animals don’t need any lights to see underwater—they make their own! It’s called bioluminescence. Let’s learn about it in this episode of SciShow Kids.

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The Octonauts and the Scary Spookfish

The Octonauts meet a fish that has no problem seeing in the dark.


est. 15 min

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Night Swimmers

Make your own school of night-swimming fish! Use the video for inspiration or go your own way! (Googly eyes for seeing in the dark ocean?)

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Googly eyes (optional)


est. 5 min

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Hello, Lighthouse

Listen along to this award-winning story by Sophie Blackall about a lighthouse keeper and his family.


est. 5 min

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Lighthouse Climb

You know what lighthouses have? Stairs. A lot of stairs. Get in shape like a lighthouse keeper by climbing some real stairs in your home or neighborhood, or by trying a simple step workout like this one.

Other Materials:

A tape measure or ruler