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What Do You Sense?

Do you hear the ocean waves? Smell those freshly baked cookies? Our senses help us explore the world—whether we use all five or just a few!

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • Kitchen utensils like scoops, spoons, and tongs
  • Newsprint or other mess-catcher
  • Materials for sensory bowls, such as:
    • Dried beans or rice
    • Shaving cream
    • Cotton balls or pom-poms
    • Water
    • Play Doh

Ask About Today

If you could only use one of your senses, which one would you choose?


est. 25 min

Making Sense of Senses

You have five senses. Do you know what they are? Nibbles the hamster has them, too. Learn more from Generation Genius.

YouTube thumbnail

Ernie Explores His Senses

Ernie is using his five senses...but his friend Bert is getting annoyed!

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Meet a Guide Dog

Not everyone uses all five senses. Some people don’t hear or see, so they use their other senses to explore. They might also get help from a guide dog or service dog.

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Meet Mira, Royal Detective

As the Royal Detective of Jalpur, Mira has to use all her senses. When she can’t use one, she learns to use another.

Which Sense Will You Use?

Now play along to help Mira and her friends use their senses to solve mysteries.


est. 15 min

Sensory Bin Play

Play with your senses!

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Kitchen utensils like scoops, spoons, and tongs; newsprint or other mess-catcher; materials for sensory bowls


On top of a piece of newsprint or some other mess-catcher, fill bowls or Tupperware containers with different materials like dried beans or rice, shaving cream, water, and cotton balls or pom-poms. Add animal figurines and kitchen utensils for play.


How does it feel to put your hands in the different bowls? What happens if you scoop something from one bowl and add it to another?


est. 5 min

YouTube thumbnail

The Sound of Silence

Yoshio lives in the busy city of Tokyo, Japan. It’s very loud! He goes searching for the sound of silence in this story by Katrina Goldsaito, with pictures by Julia Kuo.


est. 15 min

A Five-Senses Walk

Get your trusted grown-up and go on a neighborhood walk. Can you use all your senses along the way? Find something that smells nice, something that feels smooth, something that sounds crunchy, something that looks green, and something that tastes sour. (But don’t taste things you find on the street. Get a snack from your grown-up instead!)

Adult Supervision Required