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Incredible Olympians

This summer, the Olympics are in Tokyo, Japan. Let’s explore the Olympics and learn about amazing athletes.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • Things to use in an obstacle course (like pillows, books, or chairs; add optional exercise equipment like jump ropes or hula hoops)

  • Stuffed animals or dolls (optional)

Ask About Today

What Olympic sport would you like to compete in?


est. 20 min

All About the Olympics

What are the Olympics? Where did they start? Learn all about it in this video from Homeschool Pop.

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Visit Japan

This year’s Olympics take place in Tokyo, Japan. Since we can’t go in person, let's visit Japan with the Junior Jetsetters.

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Olympic Words of the Day

These Olympic figure skaters are teaching Cookie Monster and Elmo some new words.

It’s the Cookie Games!

Cookie Monster competes with himself in these Olympic games. Play along and help him!


est. 30 min

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Build an Obstacle Course

Make your own obstacle course at home. Think about things you can hop over, climb under, or balance on. Watch this video for ideas! Now have a race with your stuffed animals. Go! (Ask for help from your grown-up before you try this.)

Other Materials:

Things to use in an obstacle course (like pillows, books, or chairs); exercise equipment like jump ropes or hula hoops (optional); stuffed animals or dolls (optional)

Adult Supervision Required


est. 9 min

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Flying High

Join Xploration Theater for this read-aloud of “Flying High,” a book about Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, written by Michelle Meadows, with pictures by Ebony Glenn.


est. 15 min

At-home Olympics

Family Olympics time! Have your family try your obstacle course. Time everyone. The winner chooses dinner!