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Humans to the Rescue!

Just like animals can help us, we can sometimes help animals, too. Today, we’ll check out some inspiring animal rescue stories.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • Medicine dropper (optional)

  • Bandages or tissues and tape to make DIY bandages (optional)

Ask About Today

What would you do if you found an animal that needed help?

Content Warning

Today’s adventure contains videos and images of animals in need and may be distressing for some young campers. These stories have happy endings, but as always, you know your child best.


est. 15 min

YouTube thumbnail

Stray Dog Rescue Friends

This story shows the power of friendship! When a pair of stray dogs are found on the side of the road, they stick together to find a new home.

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The Tale of Justin Beaver

Bringing home a baby beaver may sound like fun, but what happens when it grows up? Luckily this loving human rescuer is there to keep up with Justin the Beaver as he grows.

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Roll Puppy, Roll!

Did you know pets can have wheelchairs too? Here’s the story of a little pup born without front legs. Watch him get around in his special animal wheelchair!

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Leo Saves the Orca

When a whale ends up on a beach, it takes a lot of people to help it get back to the ocean. Can Leo the Wildlife Ranger and his friends help this stranded orca?


est. 30 min

Pet Doctor

Today, you’re the pet doctor! (Also known as a veterinarian.)

Toolkit Materials:


No grown-up help needed for this activity, but you can add medicine droppers with water and spare bandages (or tissues and tape for making their own bandages) to extend your camper’s playtime.


Take care of your animal figurines and make sure they’re healthy! Give them some medicine or bandages to help them heal.


est. 5 min

Can I Be Your Dog?

Arfy is a dog who wants to be rescued from the animal shelter. Will Arfy find his forever home? Find out in this story by Troy Cummings.


est. 5 min

YouTube thumbnail

Bee Meditation

Rescuing our animal friends is hard work. Take some time to relax with this calming bee breathing exercise!