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Animal Besties

Did you know that animals have families and friends too? Check out these animal besties who teach us that we don’t have to look the same to get along.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • Black and white paint

  • Glue

  • Yellow construction or scrap paper

  • Toilet paper tube (or other cardboard tube)

  • Googly eyes (optional)

Ask About Today

Who is one of your friends, human or animal?


est. 20 min

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Unlikely Animal Friendships, Part 1

Would you ever expect a pig and a cat to be best friends? These two love snuggling.

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Unlikely Animal Friendships, Part 2

Here’s another one: A horse and a dog? Huh?! These friends even perform tricks together!

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The Cheetah and the Pup

Dogs can run pretty fast, but not as fast as a cheetah. That doesn’t stop them from playing with each other, though! Watch this inspiring story of a cheetah and a dog who became the best of friends.

For the Birds

When a pigeon loses his ability to fly, he adapts and becomes best friends with the family dog.


est. 20 min

March of the Penguins

Make an animal friend of your own!

Other Materials:

Black and white paint; yellow construction or scrap paper; glue; googly eyes (optional)


This cardboard penguin is a legitimately easy and cute craft. Start with a paper towel or toilet paper tube and draw a large oval in the middle. Then let your camper do the painting. They can practice their scissor skills (with supervision) on the nose. Use googly eyes if you have them, or just have your camper paint on eyes in any color they choose. Pro tip: Skip the glitter. (Trust us.)


Paint your own penguin friend in black and white. Add a triangle nose and eyes to make their face!


est. 6 min

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Where Are My Animal Friends?

Where do animals go when the seasons change? Find out and read along in this fun story by William Chin, with pictures by Scott Gustafson.


est. 15 min

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Jungle Race

There are so many animals in the jungle, and each one moves in a different way. Explore all the ways they move with a race. Pick a spot inside or outside the house. Can you try running like a gorilla, sprinting like a jaguar, galloping like a zebra, and hopping like a frog? Race against a friend or time yourself to see which animal is the fastest.