Camp Guide

Think of this as your guide to making the most of Camp Kinda. Let's get started!

How It Works

Camp Kinda started as a not-quite summer camp, but now it runs year-round.

Once you sign up, you'll have access to our entire library of Camp Kinda and CK Jr. adventures—more than 350 hours of virtual adventures.

Our adventures are organized around themes like The Craft of Magic. Each includes 5 daily activity sets with 90-120 minutes' worth of activities.

Some activities will be online, like watching a short documentary, while others will be offline, like creating a secret code system. If your child is doing Camp Kinda Jr., they'll need some help from you along the way. Older Camp Kinda kiddos should be able to do most activities on their own.

Camp Kinda is entirely virtual.

While we'd love to hang out with your kids for the day (or send ours to you?), Camp Kinda is a virtual camp. There are no in-person components.

There's no start or end time, so it's easy to fit Camp Kinda into your schedule.

Your kinda campers can go through every adventure and activity in order or pick and choose what they want. We won't judge.

Your child may not love every week’s topic, but we bet they’ll find something interesting in most of them—and even a couple hours of Camp Kinda is better than video games all day long. And who knows? Maybe they’ll discover something they’re wild about along the way.

CK Jr. is built especially for littles.

Our CK Jr. adventures are created by parents of current (or very recent) preschoolers. We get it: Their attention spans are limited. And there are playgrounds to get to (hopefully). So we've designed the adventures to be a little bit shorter and as independent as possible. Sure, they'll need some help, but once you've got your campers started, they can click through the EXPLORE and READ activities on their own. The CREATE activities require some grown-up set-up, but we think you'll be able to return your coffee / work / nap (wishful thinking?) once they're off and running.

What You'll Need

Before you start kinda camping, we recommend gathering a few basic supplies. Put these in a box or bin for easy access during Camp Kinda time. It'll mean less scrounging for kids and fewer interruptions for grown-ups. On many days, this box will be all you need, besides a device with internet access.

Camp Kinda Toolkit

  • Drawing utensils
  • Blank paper
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Glue

CK Jr. Toolkit

If you don't have these things at home, most items can be found at Dollar Tree or online for under $10. If you need help putting your toolkit together, please let us know!

Technology Notes

Camp Kinda is a virtual camp, which means campers will need a tablet or laptop with internet access to follow along. After you have created your account, we highly recommend bookmarking and logging in to Camp Kinda on whatever device your child will be using.

You may need to adjust your device or browser settings to ensure your camper can access all of our activities.

We carefully curate our adventures from online sources like National Geographic, PBS Kids, and others. Many activities involve videos that are hosted on YouTube, and some school-supplied devices or browsers with child filters enabled may restrict access to these videos. Contact your device administrator for assistance if this is the case.

Be aware that your camper may see ads or suggested videos from YouTube.

We don't like them either. Unfortunately, we can't control the ads that may appear since they are targeted based on user activity. (Read more about how to adjust your ad filters.) But we encourage you to remind your children to click “Skip the Ad” as soon as the option becomes available, so they can get right to the great content ahead. If you’re particularly concerned and able to do so, you can also opt for a paid YouTube Premium account for an ad-free experience.


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