About Camp Kinda

Camp Kinda is a project of EdNavigator. We’re a nonprofit organization that helps busy families and students achieve their educational goals by providing them with affordable, high-quality, personalized support. We’re a small but mighty team of former teachers, principals, counselors, coaches, and other education professionals. Most of all, we’re moms and dads who know how hard it can be to figure out schools and keep kids on track, no matter who you are or where you live.

And if all that is hard under normal circumstances… it’s harder right now. Camp Kinda is our answer to the question most parents and caregivers across the country are asking these days (and that we’ve been asking ourselves): What the heck are we going to do all summer?

With school out, most camps closed, and go-to summer supports like libraries, public pools, and even playgrounds off-limits in much of the country, parents need help. And kids deserve to have fun. Camp Kinda can’t take the place of real camp—but it’s a different kind of camp, for a different kind of summer.

Camp Kinda Partners

We’re proud to partner with leading employers, community-based organizations and nonprofits, and school systems across the country to offer Camp Kinda for free to as many families as need and want it. The lawyers want us to tell you that our partners have no editorial role in the activities or content we provide, and do not necessarily endorse any of that content. But they care about their employees and communities and are helping us make sure everyone can benefit from Camp Kinda. We’re very grateful.

Community Partners

Educational Partners